About Us

The Second Generation of Nassar Family

extended the business to Cairo by establishing the first Gold Trading Shop in Cairo, and over the years, Nassar Family built the reputation of selling stylish and quality Gold & Diamond Jewelry with aguaranteed policies that secure trust and confidence among its customers.

Egypt Gold Group

Is a family-owned business. Currently in its fourth generation, the business started 80 years ago as asmall gold retail shop in Suez City, where the jewelry business began the journey of infinite originality,elegance, and excellency that lasted up till now and became a story that’s worth telling.

Our Story

Al Sebha is an Egyptian initiative aiming to revive the historical art of sebha making, using natural high-quality materials with modern designs; thus, intoducing an innovative perspective that makes it the ultimate wearable piece yet harnessing its spiritual connection.


Al-Sebha is one of Egypt Gold's brands; founded in 1935. After years of experience in the jewelry industry; we are aiming to bring you unique and extaordinary pieces.